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A note from Zelle:

"Thanks for popping by! I appreciate each of you tremendously. ZIA was born out of a love for clothing but also a love for people. Our ZIA customers are our family and we love you all!"


ZIA offers curated style that combines classic pieces with a laid-back beach lifestyle. A classic dress or top from ZIA will take you from work to play. Our team looks forward to styling you for any event or occasion, from galas to every day life. 



Zelle Wiggins started her career in marketing and advertising, working first for a successful advertising agency followed by a residential and hospitality group. Even prior to graduating from Meredith College, she began life + style blog Southern Style. What started as a simple hobby and expression of style grew over time, allowing Zelle to explore the fashion and blogging industries even more. ZIA Boutique was born out of a love for style + a passion for marketing and business. Zelle resides full-time in Wilmington with her husband, Stephen, her daughter, Virginia Parker & her shop-pup, Sophie. 


Where Palm Beach meets Old Lumina

ZIA is a place where a signature scent is easily found. Where a tailored dress goes to work with a pair of heels and to girls' night with a pair of lace-up sandals. Where bold patterns mix and match. Where color is abundant. Where a chunky sweater is combined with grandmother's favorite brooch. Where classic meets new-age. Where everyone is welcome. 



Zelle is so short that rarely were there any nicknames that truly stuck. But when her girlfriends heard her referenced as Zia, it seemed to be the fit. 

Even better, Zia also means "light," where so much inspiration is found. And so here we are: ZIA Boutique.

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